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Welcome to a sample of some projects-- will be posting more soon :)

An Old BCI

Even before university, at the age of 16 in high school, I was captivated by emerging communities using simple electrodes on muscles and employing primitive filtering techniques to achieve rudimentary yet fascinating feats. Today, BCIs are advancing rapidly. Here is a short video of my friend Neel and me working on a 3D-printed robotic arm controlled by an EPOC EEG machine.

Machine Learning Project 

2nd Place Winning Video and Project at ML4VA. This parodying video highlights the vast potential and danger's of ML through a NLP social media classifier to detect high risk individuals.

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Automotive Projects

Fundamental aspects of society have always interested me. In turn, a major intersection of mobility, energy, and work --automobiles have been a fervent obsession of mine since I first loved giant trucks and trains as a toddler.

Deceptive Beauty

One such project of mine began with a near death 1967 Austin Healey Sprite. As stunning sky blue post-war sportscar -- it was considered primitive when it came out in the 60s. I was able to get it with my meager funds as despite its outside appearance -- the car had severe mechanical and rust issues throughout.


A Full Tear Down

As I started to take apart the car, to see the true nature of its wear and internal issues.  

It quickly became apparent that the transmission would need to be replaced.


Learning and Doing

In order to make progress in this restoration, I had to learn alot. This required a great deal of researching forums, tutorials, and use of historical documents to get information from long dead companies. 
I was eventually convinced to take out the transmission, and insert a modified Z100 Datsun transmission. This required a total mechanical disassembly.


Eventual Triumph --wait Sprite!

After months of bootstrapped learning and work, I was able make this lovely piece of automotive art run again.

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