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Leon G. Smith

My World

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About Me

I am Leon Smith, a computer science professional with a keen interest in the intersection of technology and society. To be honest, I am really all over the place with my interests.
My passion for sustainable energy solutions led me to join a Solar Car team and later to establish a startup focused on empowering disadvantaged communities with electricity and ecommerce.
At Aura Trading Company, I led a team to develop innovative implementations of decentralized energy and commerce using blockchain and solar microgrids. Our venture’s goals led to an invitation to the United Nations in 2018, where we contributed to dialogue on blockchain policy and global economic development.
I have hands-on knowledge and experience in AI and Machine Learning, having worked on complex ML projects and even securing 2nd place in a Machine Learning competition. I developed a project that used convolutional neural networks and k-means clustering to identify high-risk violent individuals in protests based on their tweets.
During the pandemic, I led a big data project to study COVID-19 therapies using an innovative time series approach. As the project leader and sole software engineer, I proudly worked both with doctors and analyst to try to understand the nature of the disease.
My interests span nature, sciences, arts, writing, history, and more. I am particularly excited about exploring brain-computer interfaces, AGI, and gene editing. A compilation of some projects, arts, and reading recommendations can be found on the other tabs.

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